VA made Japan Living


need so damn bad

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So um, this is the First Lady of Jet Life, Mary Gold. Jesus




The wisdom/common sense of some of the youth truly gives me hope

Nigga we made it #okinawa #japan #usaf #islandlife #random Photo creds go to @beingshanay (at Emerald Beach)

Yesterday🌴☀️🌴 #okinawa #japan #beachday #stressfree #islandlife #militarylife #kadena #usaf (at Tropical Dream Center - Ocean Expo Park)


throw shade together, stay together

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Anonymous asked:
I feel your lovesickness. I hope you feel better.

Please talk to me


This shit hurts. I can’t sleep, I don’t eat anymore, and I’m not happy. I’m slowly during and I feel it every second of my life now. I wake up in tears every night think. When I sit in my room I can smell your scent. I can feel your hair on my body when we cuddled or lay next to each other at night. When I think I only hear your voice. I lay down and always reach you for on your side of the bed. I’m so worthless I could’ve fixed this but I was selfish. I need you and now you don’t need me. During our relationship I slowly became the I never wanted to be. And now look at I’m nothing more then a physical shell with emptiness inside. I pray every to God every night that things works out. But losing my everything caused me to lose my faith. God please make away….

I need her


This woman deserves a round of applause and a throne of gold. This is the most realistic & amazing thing for someone to say for this generation of students. I wasn’t able to go to college this year because my parents can’t afford to send me and I had every scholarship, grant, loan known to man and it still wouldn’t work. Finally someone gets it!

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